Second Volume of Lackingtons Catalogue for 1792 Consisting of about Ninety Thousand Volumes the Whole Selling by J Lackington
Anecdotes of Some Distinguished Persons Chiefly of the Present and Two Preceding Centuries Adorned with Sculptures the Third Edition of 4 Volume 2
Terr -Filius Or the Secret History of the University of Oxford In Several Essays to Which Are Added Remarks Upon a Late Book Entitled University Education by R Newton by N Amhurst the Third Edition
Micrographia Illustrata Or the Knowledge of the Microscope Explaind Together with an Account of a New Invented Universal Microscope Illustrated with 65 Copper-Plates by George Adams the Second Edition
Observations on the Diseases of the Army in Camp and Garrison in Three Parts with an Appendix by John Pringle
Outlines of the Theory and Practice of Midwifery by Alexander Hamilton MD
Modern Voyages Containing a Variety of Useful and Entertaining Facts Respecting the Expeditions and the Principal Discoveries of Cavendish Dampier Monk in Two Volumes by the Reverend John Adams AM of 2 Volume 1
Travels Through Syria and Egypt in the Years 1783 1784 and 1785 Containing the Present Natural and Political State of Those Countries by M C-F Volney Translated from the French in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
Illustrations of Masonry by William Preston a New Edition with Alterations and Corrections
Dissertations on Inflammation by John Burns of 2 Volume 2
Botanicum Officinale Or a Compendious Herbal Giving an Account of All Such Plants as Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick with Their Descriptions and Virtues by Joseph Miller
Travels Into Poland Russia Sweden and Denmark Interspersed with Historical Relations and Political Inquiries by William Coxe in Three Volumes of 3 Volume 3
Epistles for the Ladies of 2 Volume 2
Hortus Kewensis Sistens Herbas Exoticas Indigenasque Rariores in Area Botanica Auctore Johanne Hill
Chemical Lectures Publickly Read at London in the Years 1731 and 1732 And Since at Scarborough in 1733 For the Improvement of Arts Trades and Natural Philosophy by Peter Shaw
Fossils Arranged According to Their Obvious Characters With Their History and Description by J Hill
Containing a Short History of the Russian Empire from Its First Foundation to the Time of the Death of That Princess by John Mottley Esq Of 2 Volume 1
Romae Antiquae Notitia Or the Antiquities of Rome in Two Parts with Copper Cuts to Which Are Prefixd Two Essays Concerning the Roman Learning and the Roman Education by Basil Kennet the Third Edition Revised and Corrected
Every Man His Own Gardener Being a New and Much More Complete Gardeners Kalendar Than Any One Hitherto Published by Thomas Mawe and Other Gardeners the Fourth Edition Corrected Enlarged and Very Much Improved
Cywydd y Drindod Gwaith Dafydd Ionawr
Chemical Essays by R Watson Vol V of 5 Volume 5
by N Salmon in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
Select Cases and Consultations in Physick by the Late Eminent John Woodward MD Now First Published by Dr Peter Templeman
Alan Fitz-Osborne an Historical Tale by Miss Fuller in Two Volumes of 2 Volume 2
Or a Treatise of the Whole Art of Navigation in Its Theory and Practice by Joshua Kelly the Second Edition Enlarged of 2 Volume 1
Devotion Revivd Or Safe and Easie Directions for a Truly Religious Life with a Character of the Principal Vertues Necessary for a Christian by a Divine of the Church of England
Hippocrates Upon Air Water and Situation Upon Epidemical Diseases And Upon Prognosticks in Acute Cases Especially to This Is Added (by Way of Comparison) Thucydidess Account of the Plague of Athens by Francis Clifton MD
Essays Medical and Experimental the Second Edition Revised and Considerably Enlarged to Which Is Added an Appendix by Thomas Percival MD
Physico-Chyrurgical Treatises of the Gout the Kings-Evil and the Lues Venerea Giving a Rational Account of the Origin of Those Distempers by Richard Boulton
The Resurrection of Hungary A Parallel for Ireland
Childrens Story-Sermons
The Crowd A Study of the Popular Mind
The Confessions of Frederick the Great And the Life of Frederick the Great
A Pocket-Book of Mechanical Engineering Tables Data Formulas Theory and Examples for Engineers and Students
Froudacity West Indian Fables by James Anthony Froude
An Outline of English Phonetics
Self Improvement Chiefly Addressed to the Young
The Larger Forms of Musical Composition An Exhaustive Explanation of the Variations Rondos and Sonata Designs for the General Student of Musical Analysis and for the Special Student of Structural Composition
Forgiveness and Law Grounded in Principles Interpreted by Human Analogies
The Marriage of Loti (Rarahu)
From Doniphan to Verdun The Official History of the 140th Infantry
The Runners Bible Compiled and Annotated for the Reading of Him Who Runs
The Poems of Edward de Vere Seventeenth Earl of Oxford (Shakespeare Edition) With Biographical Notice Introduction to the Poems and Notes
Red Rubber The Story of the Rubber Slave Trade Which Flourished on the Congo for Twenty Years 1890-1910
God Hidden and Revealed The Interpretation of Luthers Deus Absconditus and Its Significance for Religious Thought
Moments on the Mount A Series of Devotional Meditations
Notes on the Parables of Our Lord
William Phillips Tilden Autobiography and Personal Tributes
History of the Lent (Van Lent) Family in the United States Genealogical and Biographical From the Time They Left Their Native Soil in Holland 1638-1902
The Harmony of Interests Agricultural Manufacturing and Commercial

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